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A&A Fielding acted as heritage and tourism advisers to the UK section of  'Traditional Salt Making - The Atlantic Route'.

The project was funded by an EU Interreg grant and was completed in 2013.

The UK team for Ecosal-Atlantis was based at Bournemouth University.

See web site Ecosal-Atlantis which has a link to the EU co-ordinators in Portugal, Spain and France

Ecosal Atlantis UK Team Leader                 Prof Mark Brisbane Field Archaeologist David Cranstone                           Michael Fradley Ecologist              Roger Herbert Sites and Tourism  A&A Fielding Proposed Welsh section of the UK Ecosal Route. Youtube videos of salt sites on Burgh Marsh  Crosscannonby, Solway Coast Salt Officer Tomb Solway Coast Sites in Wales    Cymraig Presentation to Ecosal for the draft UK route.

There is a possibility that the UK project can be championed by the AONB teams across the country.

We await further developments.

A Google Map is being created with links to salt making sites and those with cultural associations - link to


Directors of Ecosal-UK are Andrew and Annelise Fielding, Tom Lane and David Cranstone.