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This has been out of print but is now available as a print on demand book with a new cover that shows the recently restored Lion Salt Works.

Signed copies direct from us with the original cover design. See our Shop page.

A Guide to the Lion Salt Works, Marston

Andrew and Annelise Fielding (2000)  Lion Salt Works Trust

ISBN: 0-9538502-0-X

Open Pan Salt Making in Cheshire: a Memoir by Tom Lightfoot. Ed. Annelise M. Fielding (2000)

Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No.1   ISBN: 0-9538502-1-8

Salt Works and Salinas ed. Annelise M. Fielding (2004)

Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No.2   ISBN: 0-9538502-2-6

Salt Tellers:  ed. Andrew P. Fielding(2005)

Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No.3   ISBN: 0-9538502-3-4

Underwych: (2007) ed. Andrew P. Fielding and Robert Meadows. Lion Salt Works Trust Research Report No.4

ISBN: 978-0-9538502-4-2

The Salt Industry (2005) Andrew and Annelise Fielding.

                                          Shire Publications  ISBN: 0-7478-0648-9

See also on-line articles:

Article on Lion Salt Works for the Museum of Labour History, Manchester

Article on the Lion Salt Works for the Tribune web site

Newsletter of Ecosal-UK - Saltcote  online or download.

Brine in Britannia (2005) ed. Mike Nevell and Andrew Fielding

CBA Northwest. Now available as a pdf download.

A&A Fielding Blurb Books

We have started publishing our own books as print on demand through Blurb.

The Wreck of the Haswell with a Glosary of Terms by William D Wilson. £13.00

JH Cooke - 'a very worthy gentleman'. Soft  £7.00

Thomas Birtles' Photographic Survey of Northwich 1891-1892. Soft £18.00

William Masters Hardy - Master Builder and Antiquarian. Soft £18.00 : Hard £44.00

Thomas Masters Hardy - Air Mechanic 1st Class Facsimiles of his Notebooks. Hard £20.00 : Soft £15.00

Wave Action on Our Coast - a facsimile of WM Hardy's book. Hard £14.00

All prices plus postage and packing direct from Blurb.