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Andrew is a member of the   Salt of the Earth Network established by the Bishop of Birkenhead.

He helped to organise the first Salt Sunday event, which was held at the Lion Salt Works in May 2009.

Link to a video of

1st Salt Sunday

2nd Salt Sundy

For the 1st Salt Sunday we salt glazed crosses using salt made at demonstrations of salt making at the Lion Salt Works. Link to a video of crosses being saltglazed.

Rt Rev Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead  harvesting salt at Salt Sunday, 2009.

We have created a Flickr Group for the Salt of the Earth Network

For images submitted by members. See The Wonder of Salt .

The 2nd Salt Sunday was held on 10 October, 2010 at Middlewich. The celebration includes a tour of the British Salt, vacuum salt works.

In 2015 we helped Nantwich Museum set to music an old song 'God Bless the Brine', performed at Reasheath College by Ailsa and John Booth.